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Protelindo's Donation to Support Health Facilities

Monday, 6 September 2021 12:00

Jakarta - Protelindo has delivered cash donations totaling Rp 600 million to support "Rumah Oksigen Gotong Royong" and “Oxygen for Indonesia”. These two programs provide oxygen for residents exposed to Covid-19 and have moderate symptoms. As of September 2021, "Oxygen for Indonesia" has distributed 2,500 oxygen concentrators to hospitals all over Indonesia in accordance with the directions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

According to Indra Gunawan, Director at Protelindo, "Since the beginning of this pandemic, Protelindo has supported programs to suppress the spread of Covid-19 Hopefully, these two programs will support not just 1 or 2 Covid-19 patients but thousands of people per month. This can happen because the oxygen concentrator will produce oxygen for 24 hours and will be distributed to various health facilities for Covid-19 patients," he said.